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Newsday Sports Twitter design

Newsday Sports Twitter design

Updates for the seasons
Custom designed twitter backgrounds for Newsday Sports.
S&B Celebrity Brand Portal

Celebrity Brand Portal

The Custom Clothing lines
Website to act as a portal that links to all of Steve & Barry's Celebrity Clothing Lines including Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Bynes, Venus Williams, Stephon Marbury, Bubba Watson & more.
Mystic Steps Inc
Mystic Steps Inc Mystic Steps Inc

Mystic Steps Inc.

Make your celebration the best it can be
Website for DJ and entertainment company Mystic Steps. Created both animated Flash version and low bandwidth HTML. launch site >>
CMT Construction Corp Website

C.M.T. Construction

Custom Builders and Remodelers

Website design & development for a Long Island construction company that shows project images, services, customer testimonials, etc. launch site >>

Obama Inauguration Blast

Inauguration Email Blast

Songs of Change

After President Barack Obama's Inauguration, Primary Wave had me create an email blast graphic with links to songs of "Change", feeding off the popularity of our new president and his message.

Marvel Tees

MArvel Tees

you have super powers when you wear these t-shirts

Mini flash website displaying all the available Marvel T-shirts available at S&B, including the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men & more.

LIAAC Website Version 1


Website Design options

Potential redesign for the Long Island Association for Aids Care website.