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Key of Sol

Key of Sol

Love me some symbols!

In order: Sol, Mercury, Venus, Terra (Earth) (w. Ankh [life] & Moon [luna]), Mars, Asteroid belt w. Ceres (1/3 mass of entire belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Easy right?

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  • terraWomen are from Venus and Men are from Mars. Can you find the male and female symbols in the graphic above? (Hint: These are not them)
  • The size of the icon, and more importantly, the thickness/weight of the stroke is an indication of the bodies mass. Sol=5, Gas Giants=4, Terrestrial Planets=3, Dwarf planets=2, and I decided to make life (since it's complex) both 2 and 3.
  • mercuryMercury is not a devil but the Greek God Hermes, and those are not horns, but the messenger God's winged petasos (hat).
  • venusVenus is the goddess of love, beauty, sex and fertility. It is also the only female goddess as well as the hottest of all the planets, coincidence?!
  • Terra is Latin for Earth and it's where we live (duh). Our Moon is called Luna and is 1/81 of Terra's mass. The heighest symbol in this graphic is the Egyption Ahnk, representing life and humanity. It also conveniently looks like a simplified human figure.
  • marsMars is the Roman God of War (Greek - Ares). The circle with arrow represents a shield and spear.
  • ceresThe Asteroid belt is represented by the vertical dots and the symbol for Ceres (the largest asteroid and the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system).
  • jupiterJupiter is the most massive planet and in ancient Roman mythology the King of all the Gods. (Greek - Zeus). This symbol could be either Zeus's Thunderbolt or a Z for Zeus. I don't see it either.
  • saturnSaturn is the God of Agriculture & Time (Greek - Cronus) and the symbol is Saturn's sickle or scythe.
  • uranusUranus (Greek name Caelus) was the father of Cronus (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter) and the symbol is a combination of Sol and Mars
  • neptuneNeptune is named for the Roman god of the sea (Greek - Poseidon), and it's symbol is the trident.
  • plutoPluto (Greek - Hades) is the God of the Underworld and this astronomical body has recently been re-classified as a dwarf planet similar to Ceres and Eres. sad Pluto.
AC: Gravity 2

Gravity 2

Break it down even more

A more visually appealing planetary display. This design is one of my favorites to actually use as a wallpaper. Tried to show the axis of all the planets as well. Although, compared to Gravity1, the actual relative sizes of the planets is even less accurate.

AC: Gravity 2

Gravity 3

Now in the visible light spectrum

What they all look like. But in squares.