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The BFTZ Demo

listen to all 4 new original tracks right here. or download to keep. enjoy.
The BFTZ Demo - Album Art
Too Much Intro

AC: Music

one clip

I just used one clip, the percussion shaker. The rest is all me.

Listen here:

download: mp3 http://www.acarrozzo.com/music/mp3s/oneclip.mp3

Caine's Poker Face - Song Art

Caine's Poker Face

The music produced for a short vid with the same name. And how cool is Caine with his sunglasses!

download: mp3



It's the closest one, but you can't even see it.

Listen here:

download: mp3

Too Dark - Song Art

Too Dark

Here's another unclassifiable clip. 3 minutes of somewhat organized sound data.
Listen here:

download: mp3

I Plant a Tree (It Grows Slow) - Song Art

I Plant a Tree
(It Grows Slow)

Extended Length mp3. Finally ready for download.
Listen here:

download: mp3

I'm a Fire Truck - Song Art

I'm a Fire Truck

MP3 Coming soon...