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by Stephon Marbury

Bigger than Basket ball!

New York Knicks Stephon Marbury's exclusive clothing line - store visuals for 2007. All original artwork and design for the store front display, in-store Starbury section and website, [was] exclusively at Steve & Barry's.

Mobileistic Catalog Spread
Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog Mobileistic Catalog

Mobileistic Catalog

Cell baby Cell!

Mobileistic is a retail and wholesale distributor of mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, skins, cases and a whole mess of other accessories in the wireless industry. I designed and maintained their marketing materials from 2010 - 2012. Take a look at some select pages from the catalog or view the PDF here.

dear™ clothing line - by Amanda Bynes

dear™ by Amanda Bynes

2008 Visuals

Celebrity Amanda Bynes exclusive clothing line for Steve & Barry's. These store visuals were created in collaboration with an outside advertising agency. Click any image to see more examples within this campaign.

Camplified Poster
Camplified Poster 2012 Camplified Poster 2011 Camplified Poster 2010 Camplified Poster 2009 Camplified Poster 2008 Camplified Poster 2007

Camplified Tour Posters

2 Months. Dozens of Camps, Many Many Happy musicians and camp visitors

Camplified, one of my favorite companys to design for, has been hosting summer camp concert tours for the last 10 years. For the last 5 years or so I have helped them design their official summer tour posters. Featuring tour dates and photos for the bands and artists, these are the highlight designs for each years tour. - Camplified / Primary Wave Music

Change - S&B 2006 Campaign


Fall 2006 design concept for Steve & Barry's.

Attempt to make the store fashionable, simple and clean. I was involved with model photoshoot and responsible for all typography. Click any image to see more artwork.

Grant Boxing - Evander Holyfield

Grant Boxing

Athletic clothing line from Evander Holyfield

Visual campaign for Evander Holyfield's boxing/athletic clothing and accessories line. Unfortunately they never got to the stores after Holyfield was tested positive for steroid use. O well, at least you can see some of it here. click any image to see the rest.

Steve & Barry's - Denim Panels

Denim Panels

Slim, Boot, Flare, Loose, Relaxed, Skinny...

These signs would be located above the jeans section to let customers know the available styles in the section below.

Big Ben Wallace - Exclusive Basketball Sneaker Promo

Big Ben Wallace

Even More S&B Sneakers - only $7.95

Ben Wallace (Cleveland Cavaliers) exclusive basketball shoe promotional banners.

Asset Protection Poster Series

Asset protection

Making boring posters as exciting as possible

Series of informative loss prevention posters for store employees. Click to see all.

Aeropostale - Back to School Poster


Back to School

This is a series of Back to School Posters created for Aeropostale. Youth, nature, love & denim. click to see larger.

Product Lookbook for Eleven™ by Venus Williams

Eleven™ by Venus Williams

Look! a Lookbook!

Product Lookbook Design, layout and product photoshoot assistance for 2008 Eleven by Venus Williams lookbook. A Steve & Barry's brand.

Polyplastic Forms Direct Mailers

Poly plastic Forms Direct Mailers

Yep! Thats Me and Mike

Direct mail brochures for Polyplastic products and offers. Custom creation and photography for all products.

S&B Back To School 2006

Back To School 2006

Another Steve & Barry's Campaign

Series of window banners and store signs used in the Steve & Barry's Back to School visual campaign for 2006.

3D Letter Ads

Wholesale 3D Letter ads

So many options

Series of ads showing the materials and designs available for Polyplastic Forms 3D indoor or outdoor lettering.